Sunday, October 11, 2015

February 2015

February = WRESTLING! Cooper and Teegan both did a great job at the tournament in Colorado Springs!
It is so awesome watching the boys work hard, but it is so VERY sweet to watch Danny coach his boys, he is SO proud of them!!
Preschool at home = time for CARS! I love Teegan's free spirit and intense imagination...oh, AND his funny, completely concentrating faces!! 
Shae was excited to participate in CSH Junior Poms this year!! They got to perform between the JV and Varsity girls' basketball games, fun times!
Cooper needed a "headshot" for his timeline in Mrs. Hashemi's class...he loves school and really put a lot of work into a beautiful, detailed timeline!!
I just LOVE peeking in on Maiya while she naps, sweet peaceful baby girl!

January 2015

January was an eventful month! We started the year off having a blast celebrating Christmas with the Allen family. We surprised everyone by traveling to Utah to the Prescott’s house on New Year’s Eve! It was an amazing time, as ALL of the siblings’ families were there- Grandma & Grandpa, their six
kids and spouses, and all of the cousins!! One of the highlights was going ice skating on New Years Day. Of course, we also played lots of games, including a new one Gary & Mauri taught us, called “Dippity Dip.” As the adults played the game upstairs, rather noisily, the kids were all in the basement snuggled in for bed. We ended up laughing hysterically to the point of tears, when Kalen and Cooper came up to inform us that they couldn’t sleep because we were being SO LOUD, and according to Kalen, “Cameron says ‘you guys all sound like a bunch of fat, prancing horses!!’” It was an epic moment I’m sure we won’t soon let Cameron forget! As awesome as the trip was, we were horrified to come home to some water damage in our house. The swamp cooler line had been leaking and caused damage to the upstairs ceiling, floor, and main level walls. It wasn’t the way we planned to start off the new year, but we are trying to stay positive, that at least we’ll get new carpet! The process has been taking a long time and we are still anxiously awaiting the reconstruction phase. In addition to the water damage, Cooper was heartbroken to discover that his lizard, Clash, had died. Later that week, we celebrated COOPER’S 10th birthday!! As tradition, we had a cinnamon roll breakfast. I also brought, sushi, Cooper’s birthday lunch request, to school. Later that night, the fun continued when Cooper had his friends Landin and Sawyer over for pizza! He had a blast and was thrilled to get more LEGOS for his birthday gift from the family! Shae and Jadan picked out the perfect set, from The Lego Movie, with some really cool minifigures! Cooper completed the set in no time! We are so proud of the young man he is growing to be and know he will continue to be a blessing in our family!! The next major event for January was some medical testing that Jadan had to have. During his well-check in December, Dr. Froehlke was surprised that despite the Supprelin implant he had placed in June, Jadan was still growing at a fast rate, when they very much expected his growth to plateau. As a result, Dr. Froehlke recommended us to follow up with Jadan’s endocrinologist, Dr. Hsu. Jadan had a bone growth test and a couple of labs done prior to the appointment with Dr. Hsu. When we met with Dr. Hsu, she informed us that the bone growth test read advanced, about 13-14 years of age, but that his bloodwork seemed stable. She admitted that she was confused by Jadan’s continuing growth and ordered an additional panel of bloodwork, specifically on his pituitary functions, to make sure his tumor wasn’t causing any concern. Those tests revealed that his igf-1 (growth hormone) and prolactin levels were elevated, which prompted her to order another test, a 4-hour glucose tolerance test. We went in for the test early in the morning, Jadan drank an orange glucola drink, and they took blood samples every 30 minutes. After the test, we had lunch and went to MicroCenter, which is tradition after any visit to Children’s Hospital! Later that night, Dr. Hsu called us with the results- that his GH level, which should’ve plummeted after consuming glucose, remained high. It seemed to indicate a specific diagnosis, but wasn’t alarmingly high where the diagnosis was certain. She again candidly admitted her confusion with these results but assured us that she would research and find other doctors that might be more knowledgeable. At this point in time, as I write this, she has scheduled a meeting with experts in the adult pituitary department at the University of Colorado. The meeting will take place on 2/10. She also reached out to the National Institute of Health In Washington DC. They indicated their desire to help with more extensive testing and evaluation, as well as have Jadan take part in a study. We decided that gathering as much knowledge as possible is the best plan right now, so we can figure out why this is happening, what it means, and how it can be treated. Dr. Hsu said she would let NIH know that we are on board, so as of right now, we are waiting for them to call to discuss details and a plan of action. Needless to say, our world has been shaken. There is so much unknown right now, but we feel blessed and confident to have great doctors working for us. We have also felt incredible support and love from family and friends as they offer up prayers on our behalf as well as on behalf of the doctors. The Allen family dedicated their fast today to Jadan and the doctors and we can absolutely feel the real power in that. We feel a sense of peace, despite uncertainty, that Heavenly Father is aware of our family, that He has a special plan for us, that He hears and answers prayers, and that everything will be okay. In the midst of Jadan’s different tests and waiting to get results, etc...we had a very special, sacred opportunity to again travel to visit Grandma & Grandpa Allen, as Grandpa had been called to serve in the Stake Presidency. It was a very fast and tiring trip, but the blessing and honor it was to witness him being sustained and set apart was exceedingly worthwhile! With all of the concern and emotion we had been feeling as we awaited test results, it was a tender mercy from the Lord to witness this sacred event, as well as receive counsel and comfort.
OTHER special moments this month...
•we had a wonderful time visiting with Grandpa Steadman and enjoying his sweet spirit. 
•we visited with Grandma Squirrely & Grandpa Deano, playing back alley with them and Aunt Vicki and Stacey. Maiya could not get enough of watching Oscar stand up for treats!
•the kids are obsessed with playing “CHOPPED,” as in the Food Network Show! Maiya loves to help unload the dishwasher, watch the Aristocats and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, loves to swing, and is super silly playing with Hudson in his cage!
•Jadan continues to play the string bass, he really enjoys it and is getting really good! And we ALL are trying hard to do scripture study in the morning before school! It doesn’t always work out, but our hearts are doing the very best we can!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Photo Catch up!


Shae's dance class held a "fall showcase!" It was fun to see all that she has been learning, as well as the routine they have been practicing in tap. She still absolutely loves dance and is all giggles and smiles from the time we get there!

Halloween festivities...included the Pumpkin Festival; picking out the perfect pumpkins (Teegan was hilarious trying to pick up/sit on the pumpkins!), getting faces painted, and playing a few games; our Church's "Trunk-orTreat;" pumpkin carving; and of course, a bit of traditional Trick-or-Treating (with our first stop being Aunt DeAnne & Uncle Alan's!

Oh, and there's a naked bum picture of Teegan in the mix too...he had a red bum, so I let him go commando...he climbed up to the front window to give the neighborhood a show...I got a good laugh!!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

time to catch up!

SUMMER 2010!
Teegan is getting such a fun personality!
WAY fun park day at Belleview Park~ our first time, and definitely not our last...the kids played at the playground, rode the train, waded in the stream...
...and even visited the petting zoo! Teegan was cracking me up; he was absolutely fascinated with all of the animals!
lovely rainbow...
the trampoline has been so much fun for the kids!
...and of course, Danny's birthday! This cake is AH-MAzing!! (…/)
girls night out...haircuts! Shae went with me to Salon Foushee, her first time to a salon that wasn't geared towards kids...I thought she would get bored, but she just giggled the whole time! Her stylist was great with Shae and said it was her favorite haircut EVER!
pre-haircut I think, but a fun little shot!

and on to JULY:
AllEn FaMiLy ReUnIOn
no reunion is complete without a Costco-size bag of candy (from, guess who? none other than Grandpa Allen!)
at the ZOO
GAME night!
Jadan discovered a new favorite game thanks to Cameron...he wants to play Monopoly ALL the time now!!
Dad and Ellen, Danielle, Samantha, and Allie visited the last week in July and many priceless memories were made...
getting in the gondola at Breckenridge
fun picture before we left Breck
this one cracks me up!! the angle is funny and Teegan is making the cheesiest "cheese" face ever and Grandpa is just loving it all!
tea party fun
me and Samantha...yep that's right, I am totally on my tip-toes trying not to look so short!!
the alpine slide at Peak 7 was really fun!!
kiddos having fun at the pool with Dani, Samantha, and Allie!
again up at Breck
and more cute, random pictures!
the Smiths were awesome to take Danny and I, Danielle, Samantha, and Allie on the lake...We were very impressed by the Beckley girls' wakeboarding skills!! They all were able to get up and hang for at least a little bit...TONS of fun! (pic on let is me boarding)
and then to AUGUST...
We decided to take advantage of the summer freedom and travel to Ohio for a few weeks...We were so blessed to be able to visit with a lot of friends and family!

Here pictured with my friend Janet's kids...even though they just met, the kids had a blast playing together!
a favorite activity while staying at Grandpa's...bubble baths in the big tub in the OH state bathroom!
another fun playdate with my friend, Jami and her kids!
Cooper being, well...Cooper, catching rain in his mouth when it suddenly poured at the tractor pull...
more fun at the tractor pull!
cook out at Tara and Marshal's...what could be more FUN?!
parade at the Carey Fest...Later that night at the festival, I ran my 2nd 5K for this summer. I was a little nervous, as it was a last minute decision and I was not confident in reaching my goal (set after my 1st 5K in May), but was thrilled when I crossed the finish line at 24:20!
making "Grandma's Cinnamon Rolls"
and finally (even though this was actually our first visit upon arriving to OH) our trip to Louisville KY to visit Bryan and Tessa!
Here we are at the ZOO!
and at the zoo's waterpark...a much needed and fun cway to cool off!
WOW! That was a fabulous summer! And I know there are so many more pictures I may not have posted, AND tons more memories made that weren't even photographed (I was terrible at remembering to get my camera out!)...We spent a lot of time with my Mom (I need to get pics from her camera!!)...riding scooters in the driveway, eating pizza, going to Kings Island, etc...and of course, it was wonderful to be there to welcome our newest little cousin and niece, Macie Nicole (Tara and Marshal's beautiful baby girl)!! Hopefully I will come across some of these pictures, because this has definitely been a SUMMER TO REMEMBER!!!